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FFFH – The Joint Council of Creative & Hobby Materials is an association of manufacturers, importers and distributors of creative and hobby materials in Denmark.


FFFH’s purpose is to promote the dissemination, understanding and use of the association's A-label in order to make it easier for consumers to make a safe and environmental choice.


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Latest News


FFFH toughens requirements for obtaining the A label »

The FFFH has decided to focus 100% on the A-label, which means that the B-, C- and D-labels will no longer be used.

At the same time, requirements for obtaining the A-label will become more stringent, which means that A-labelled products.....

Read the full press release here.




Next board meeting

The FFFH has its next board meeting on 26th of may 2015 at 3:00 p.m. All members are welcome to attend the meeting. Read more here